Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Tour FAQs

Q Are you coming to my home town?
A Possibly. You need to check my full list of tour dates bearing in mind that we sometimes revisit places later in the tour. Sadly, I can't visit every place so you may need to travel a bit. Likewise if the show closest to you has sold out then perhaps you could see if there's anywhere else you can get to. Tour dates are here:

For some of the places I'm not visiting, there's an explanation here:

Some of you will notice that I’m not playing some of the venues I played on my last tour, those venues are owned and run by The Ambassador Theatre Group. In my opinion, I don’t agree with the extra charges ATG put on top of the face value ticket price to you the customer and a number of other restrictions they have in place so that’s why I’ve avoided their venues this time round. We’ve booked alternative theatres though across the country so you will still be able to find somewhere close to you to come and see the show.

Q The website says the show I want to see is sold out, what can I do?
A For some venues, the tickets are divided between the venue and ticketmaster so make sure you check both. And ringing venues is always a good idea. Only ticketmaster or the venue. I cannot vouch for any other websites and I don't want you to get ripped off by dodgy websites or sellers.

Q I'm skint but really want to see you.
A That's not technically a question but I'll answer it anyway. Your best bet is to get on my mailing list by popping your email address in the box on the home page of my website and pressing submit. I sometimes do cheap new material nights for £7 or £8 a ticket and the mailing list find out about these first. Also if you're on the mailing list, I can invite you to apply for tickets to radio and TV recordings which are free. Failing that, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook as I always put on there when I'm on the telly and the radio.

Q What time does the tour show start?
A Mostly 8pm but sometimes not so best to check with the venue.

Q What time will the show end?
A I like to know what time things end too. The show is a little over 2 hours including a break so if we start at 8pm, we usually finish between 10 and 10:15pm.

Q Is there a support act?
A Nope. Just me. So make sure you're there for the start.

Q Why is your interval food often healthy?
A Because you can't eat chocolate and cake as it clogs up your throat and vocal cords. Don't worry, I make up for it after the show.

Q Can you do a shout out in the show to my wife/brother/friend/neighbour?
A Sadly not as if I did one request, I'd have to do them all and that would be about 20 minutes every night of just saying hello. Whatever you're celebrating, I do hope you all have a lovely night.

Q Do I have to bring cake for you?
A Nope! Just come and have a laugh.

Q Is there merchandise on this tour?
A Yes, lots of good stuff. Bags, mugs, sleep masks, pillow cases, fridge magnets, programmes, DVDs, loads of things.

Q Are you coming to Australia/America?
A I've already performed this show in Australia in March (Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne) so no plans to return at the moment. And no plans to perform in America yet but you never know.

Q Can you just come to my house instead?
A I totally get that and yes, but by way of a DVD.

Q When does the DVD come out?
A The DVD for this tour will come out Winter 2014 but on November 11th this year a DVD of my TV series comes out if you fancy treating yourself.

Q Are there free badges again?
A Yes

Q I bought my tickets so long ago, I don't know where I've put them
A Try your knicker drawer or where you keep your passport.

Q Are you bringing Chief Brody, your cat?
A Sadly not, he has to stay at home and play with his sister and do big smelly poos.

I hope those of you who want to come to the show, get to come. And I hope you all enjoy my show. I'm loving it so far.

Sarah x

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oz blog

It’s always lovely to be home but I did have a smashing time in Australia. Thanks to all of you in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne who came in from the lovely weather to watch me harp on about myself on a stage. Australia makes great audiences. Fact. Lively, down to earth, big laughers who join in when asked and love swearing. My perfect crowd, really.

My top eleven favourite bits of my time in Australia:

1) Having a picnic at Hanging Rock (and realising I’m more happy to sit down than see the summit of anything)

2) Finding the best shop ever ‘TYPO’ and being so overawed by brilliant stationery that I wanted to do a little cry.

3) Degraves street in Melbourne and CafĂ© Nova (where men often serve you cake wearing vests or ‘singlets’ if you’re Australian)

4) Plodging in the sea at Henley beach in Adelaide. If you are not from the North East of England, you may refer to this as paddling. I prefer ‘plodging’ as it’s more onomatopoeic. My skirt was too long so I made it into a nappy. Oh yes, I’m sexy too.

5) Falling in love with breakfast again. Aussies know how to eat.

6) When the temperature dropped in Adelaide. I am made for cardigan weather. I know that now.

7) Home cooked food from my friend Melinda in Brisbane.

8) Seeing a great big fuck off lizard just on the pavement in Brisbane. He wasn’t in a zoo or anything.

9) Seeing an old lady in a panda hat in Adelaide Zoo. They should just say they haven’t got a panda.

10) Seeing a Cassowary in the same zoo and overhearing a conversation near us detailing how she (the cassowary) had killed her boyfriend.

11) Every time I made Juliet Meyers laugh.

The reason I love festivals so much is new audiences, being inspired by other comedians and spending time with bloody lovely funny friends. Roll on Edinburgh Fringe.