Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oz blog

It’s always lovely to be home but I did have a smashing time in Australia. Thanks to all of you in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne who came in from the lovely weather to watch me harp on about myself on a stage. Australia makes great audiences. Fact. Lively, down to earth, big laughers who join in when asked and love swearing. My perfect crowd, really.

My top eleven favourite bits of my time in Australia:

1) Having a picnic at Hanging Rock (and realising I’m more happy to sit down than see the summit of anything)

2) Finding the best shop ever ‘TYPO’ and being so overawed by brilliant stationery that I wanted to do a little cry.

3) Degraves street in Melbourne and CafĂ© Nova (where men often serve you cake wearing vests or ‘singlets’ if you’re Australian)

4) Plodging in the sea at Henley beach in Adelaide. If you are not from the North East of England, you may refer to this as paddling. I prefer ‘plodging’ as it’s more onomatopoeic. My skirt was too long so I made it into a nappy. Oh yes, I’m sexy too.

5) Falling in love with breakfast again. Aussies know how to eat.

6) When the temperature dropped in Adelaide. I am made for cardigan weather. I know that now.

7) Home cooked food from my friend Melinda in Brisbane.

8) Seeing a great big fuck off lizard just on the pavement in Brisbane. He wasn’t in a zoo or anything.

9) Seeing an old lady in a panda hat in Adelaide Zoo. They should just say they haven’t got a panda.

10) Seeing a Cassowary in the same zoo and overhearing a conversation near us detailing how she (the cassowary) had killed her boyfriend.

11) Every time I made Juliet Meyers laugh.

The reason I love festivals so much is new audiences, being inspired by other comedians and spending time with bloody lovely funny friends. Roll on Edinburgh Fringe.