Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Edfringe recommendations for final week.

There are 5 days left of the Edinburgh Fringe and if you're visiting or lucky enough to live nearby, here are my final recommendations. These are the shows I wish I'd had time to see. They are people I already think are ace and have heard great things about their shows this year. Pappy's are a sketch group, Cariad does characters and the rest are straight stand up. Enjoy the last week.

Hannah Gadsby (8:10pm Gilded Balloon)

Sarah Kendall (8:30pm Pleasance Courtyard)

Ellis James (7pm Pleasance Courtyard)

Gearoid Farelly (8:15pm Gilded Balloon)

Eddie Pepitone (11:40pm Just The Tonic)

Pappy's (8:20pm Pleasance Dome)

Markus Birdman (9:20pm The Stand)

Lloyd Langford (7:45pm Assembly Rooms)

Cariad Lloyd (4:45pm Pleasance Courtyard)

Andrew Maxwell (9:05pm Assembly George Square)

John Robins (7:20pm Just the Tonic)

Carl Donnelly (8:30pm Pleasance Courtyard)

Thanks kids xxx

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations.

Hey kids,

For those of you asking for Edinburgh Fringe recommendations, here are some to get you going... All comedy, all very funny. Enjoy.

Joe Lycett (Pleasance Courtyard 8:30pm) Original and wonderful comedy.

Caimh McDonnell (The Tron 6:20pm) Snappy, funny story telling.

Michael Legge (The Stand 3:30pm) Hilarious grumpy man bitches about the world.

Felicity Ward (Underbelly 10pm) Smart, sharp, heartfelt and full of jokes.

Tony Law (The Stand 12:30pm) Brilliant and properly crackers.

Juliet Meyers (The Stand 12 noon) Passionate clever comedy.

Hal Cruttenden (Pleasance Courtyward 9:45pm) Pitch perfect stand up from one of the best in the business.

Roisin Conaty (Pleasance Courtyard 8:40pm) Smart, funny and a little bit crackers.

Sally Anne Hayward (The Stand 12 noon) A charming and very funny show from this spiky, sharp woman.

Gavin Webster (The Stand 5:50pm) One of the best comics on the circuit.

The 11 O Clock Rule

Hello All,

I thought I'd pass this on more formerly than just telling people when I think it might help them. The 11 O Clock Rule (or Millican's Law) is to help you get over a bad gig or show. And while primarily aimed at performers (and is particularly useful during the Edinburgh Fringe), it honestly works just as well after a bad day. I thought of this when I first started doing comedy to help me move past tough gigs or ones where I simply wasn't any good. It works but you have to stick to it.

The 11 O'Clock Rule.

This is Millican's Law. If you have a hard gig, quiet, a death, a struggle, whatever, you can only be mad and frustrated and gutted until 11am the next day. Then you must draw a line under it and forget about it. As going into the next gig thinking you are shit will mean you will die.
Equally, if you nail it, slam it, destroy it, whatever, you can only be smug about it until 11am the next day (in the past, I have set an alarm so I could get up and gloat for an extra half hour) as if you go into the next gig thinking you are God's gift to comedy, you will die. That is Millican's Law and it totally works. It means you move on quickly. 

Hope it helps. It's certainly stood me in good stead. 

Have good festivals, gigs and days. 

Sarah xx

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rescheduled Cambridge date

Hello all, Some info for those of you who had tickets for last Saturday's (21st April) show at the Cambridge Corn Exchange: the great news is that we've managed to reschedule the show for 8pm Sunday 30th September 2012. Current tickets remain valid for the new date. If you are for whatever reason unable to make the new date you will be able to claim a full refund from the point of purchase.   Sorry once again for any inconvenience caused, and we look forward to seeing you in September. Thanks for hanging in there. Have a good weekend. X

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hello there. I'm having a few days off social networking sites as sometimes I need a break from the criticism and negativity.

Thought I'd blog about today instead. Got another blimmin head cold so have been proper whinging today and looking pathetically at my fella with my arms outstretched for snotty cuddles. Show tonight at Birmingham Symphony Hall was lovely. The audience provided great highlights including "cement bag", "do the horn" and the tortoise that escaped. I had no interval food as I had wolfed down beans on toast (my bean jug has barely been in the cupboard this week) before the show. Backstage I signed a lot of programmes and lost an earring in my cleavage. Found it after much rummaging just in time for the show. Thanks so much for coming tonight if you did. Onwards to High Wycombe. But first, catch up on Saturday telly and meatballs.

Hello Birmingham - I have spent many an hour in your (BULL) ring. #rubbishflirtingwithawholeplace.

Sarah x