Sunday, August 05, 2012

The 11 O Clock Rule

Hello All,

I thought I'd pass this on more formerly than just telling people when I think it might help them. The 11 O Clock Rule (or Millican's Law) is to help you get over a bad gig or show. And while primarily aimed at performers (and is particularly useful during the Edinburgh Fringe), it honestly works just as well after a bad day. I thought of this when I first started doing comedy to help me move past tough gigs or ones where I simply wasn't any good. It works but you have to stick to it.

The 11 O'Clock Rule.

This is Millican's Law. If you have a hard gig, quiet, a death, a struggle, whatever, you can only be mad and frustrated and gutted until 11am the next day. Then you must draw a line under it and forget about it. As going into the next gig thinking you are shit will mean you will die.
Equally, if you nail it, slam it, destroy it, whatever, you can only be smug about it until 11am the next day (in the past, I have set an alarm so I could get up and gloat for an extra half hour) as if you go into the next gig thinking you are God's gift to comedy, you will die. That is Millican's Law and it totally works. It means you move on quickly. 

Hope it helps. It's certainly stood me in good stead. 

Have good festivals, gigs and days. 

Sarah xx