Sunday, August 05, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations.

Hey kids,

For those of you asking for Edinburgh Fringe recommendations, here are some to get you going... All comedy, all very funny. Enjoy.

Joe Lycett (Pleasance Courtyard 8:30pm) Original and wonderful comedy.

Caimh McDonnell (The Tron 6:20pm) Snappy, funny story telling.

Michael Legge (The Stand 3:30pm) Hilarious grumpy man bitches about the world.

Felicity Ward (Underbelly 10pm) Smart, sharp, heartfelt and full of jokes.

Tony Law (The Stand 12:30pm) Brilliant and properly crackers.

Juliet Meyers (The Stand 12 noon) Passionate clever comedy.

Hal Cruttenden (Pleasance Courtyward 9:45pm) Pitch perfect stand up from one of the best in the business.

Roisin Conaty (Pleasance Courtyard 8:40pm) Smart, funny and a little bit crackers.

Sally Anne Hayward (The Stand 12 noon) A charming and very funny show from this spiky, sharp woman.

Gavin Webster (The Stand 5:50pm) One of the best comics on the circuit.