Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hello there. I'm having a few days off social networking sites as sometimes I need a break from the criticism and negativity.

Thought I'd blog about today instead. Got another blimmin head cold so have been proper whinging today and looking pathetically at my fella with my arms outstretched for snotty cuddles. Show tonight at Birmingham Symphony Hall was lovely. The audience provided great highlights including "cement bag", "do the horn" and the tortoise that escaped. I had no interval food as I had wolfed down beans on toast (my bean jug has barely been in the cupboard this week) before the show. Backstage I signed a lot of programmes and lost an earring in my cleavage. Found it after much rummaging just in time for the show. Thanks so much for coming tonight if you did. Onwards to High Wycombe. But first, catch up on Saturday telly and meatballs.

Hello Birmingham - I have spent many an hour in your (BULL) ring. #rubbishflirtingwithawholeplace.

Sarah x

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